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English Learner Programs and Services

The primary purpose of the Salida Union School District English Learner Master Plan is to provide a clear statement of English learner programs and services. The Master Plan also provides specific procedural guidelines for the identification, assessment, and placement of students; reclassification of students; parent notification and involvement; and the annual evaluation of English learner programs. 

The district has established the following goals for English learners:

  1. To develop as rapidly and effectively as possible the English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills English Learners need for success in the district’s academic instructional programs.
  2. To provide English Learners with maximum opportunity to learn California’s rigorous challenging state academic standards so that they are on a path to be college and career-ready.
  3. To develop English learners’ positive self-esteem, cross-cultural awareness, and an appreciation of their own culture and language within an affirming, inclusive, and safe school climate.

Instructional Services for English Learners

The district provides services to English learners to ensure that they are acquiring English language proficiency and recouping any academic deficits, which may have been incurred in other areas of the core curriculum.

 English Learners receive Designated English Language Development (ELD)
Each English learner receives Designated ELD during the regular school day when teachers use the CA ELD standards as the focal standards in ways that build into and from content instruction in order to develop critical English language skills, knowledge, and abilities in order to develop proficiency in English as rapidly as possible.

 English Learners receive Integrated ELD
Each English learner will receive Integrated ELD instruction to make subject matter concepts comprehensible while promoting the pupils’ English language development.  The CA ELD Standards are used in tandem with the CA CCSS for ELA/Literacy and other content standards to ensure students strengthen their abilities to use English as they simultaneously learn content through English.  For English learners to succeed pupils must master not only English vocabulary and grammar but also the way English is used in the core content classes.  The content for English learners remains rigorous in Science, History-Social Science, and mathematics while the teacher’s instructional delivery scaffolds the learning so that grade-level content is comprehensible.

 Time for ELD
English Language Development is part of the school day for every English learner throughout the entire school year. The teaching of English within the program is based on the student’s level of English Proficiency. The purpose of the ELD component is to teach second language learners to communicate with high levels of understanding in English. ELD also provides a foundation for literacy development reading and writing. It is a planned, specific, explicit component of the student’s total educational program and is based on the student’s level of English proficiency. An English Learner student must receive ELD instruction for the entire school year until the student is reclassified.

 EL students' access to the district’s core curriculum
English learners must meet district content and performance standards for their respective grade levels in core curricular areas.

The district has chosen to ensure that English learners acquire English and learn grade-level academic content simultaneously by implementing a program designed to instruct English learners at grade level in all areas of the curriculum.

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