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Local Control And Accountability Plan

When families, schools and communities work as partners, student achievement is boosted and children are better prepared to lead happy and productive lives. The Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) provides parents the opportunity to be engaged and work as partners to support the vision for their children’s educational success! 


The LCFF Process:

  • Requires school districts to focus on the 8 state priorities that help all students succeed.
  • Provides extra funding for students with greater challenges
  • Gives your district more flexibility in how to spend its money to improve local schools.


June 20, 2023 - Board Approved


This plan was developed with input from students, parents, community members, and Salida Union School District (SUSD) staff, SUSD board members and community members.  The LCAP outlines goals, actions, services and expenditures to support positive student outcomes for achievement for the 2023-24 school year.

n an effort to keep all stakeholders informed as active participants in the continued development of the Salida Union School District LCAP, we are providing this LCAP Overview highlighting the proposed actions to meet our goals.